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September 1 @ 10:30 am
September 2 @ 5:00 pm



Join the International Bunker Industry Association ONLINE for the second session of a two-part conference series in 2021 – Americas,  to gain first-hand insights and understanding of the challenges and successes in the bunkering and shipping sectors. The Conference will bring together the global bunkering and shipping industry for networking, create a platform for engagement with industry and government, and shared learning.

If you wish to become a speaker or sponsor this event, please contact Sofia Konstantopoulou Sofia.Konstantopoulou@ibia.net



Day 1 1st September, 2021

Please note: the time is EDT - Washington, DC, USA

Welcome Address

Unni Einemo – Director and IMO Representative, IBIA 


SESSION ONE: The IMO and Energy Transition – Focus on the Americas

Gain first-hand insights of how the regulatory landscape is changing.

Moderator: J. Stephen Simms – Simms Showers Llp


  • Unni Einemo – IBIA Director and IMO Representative

SESSION TWO: Regional Suppliers - Recovering COVID-19

Is COVID-19 still preventing the world from returning to normal. What is the post-covid impact on the bunkering & shipping industry? Are business models changing in 2021 and should do things differently? Our expert panel will discuss any specific trends for 2021 due to the effects of COVID-19.

Moderator: Jack Jordan – Managing Editor, Ship & Bunker

  • Alonso Young – Physical Sales Manager, Peninsula Petroleum Inc
  • Milan Abovich – Bunker Manager, Copec Marine Fuels
  • Rasmus Jacobsen – Americas Director, Monjasa


2020 saw the induction of VLSFO blends, which are very different from the HSFOs that dominated the market previously. Our expert panel will discuss the impact on fuel quality and operational issues, and whether the ISO:8217 specification is still sufficient.

Moderator: Unni Einemo, Director and IMO Representative, IBIA


  • Wajdi Abdmessih – President, Seahawk Services
  • Hauk Wahl – Business Development Manager, Intertek Lintec
  • Diego Meyer – Natural Resources | Industries & Environment / Business Manager, SGS Panama 
  • Jack Grogan – Senior Account Manager, VPS

SESSION FOUR: Alternative fuels for Shipping

The need to reduce emissions of air pollutants like SOx and NOx has already been driving the industry toward new types of cleaner-burning fuels. Going forward, the decarbonization drive will have an even bigger impact.

The IMO has set 2030 and 2050 targets for reducing the carbon intensity of international shipping, and a minimum 50% reduction in GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions by 2050. Shipowners need future fuel options. What are the alternatives in the near to medium term, and how can the bunker industry adapt and be part of the transition toward low and zero-carbon fuels?

Join industry experts introducing what we should expect in the years ahead.

Moderator: Nigel Draffin – Consultant

  • Frédéric Meyer  – Strategy Director, TOTAL Marine Fuels Global Solutions (TMFGS)
  • Stephen H. Crolius – President, Carbon Neutral Consulting/The Ammonia Energy Association
  • Helle Graesdal – Head of Bunkers/Alliance Executive, Frontline and Golden Ocean 
  • Peter Keller – Chairman, Sea LNG




Day Two 2nd September, 2021


SESSION FIVE: Bunkering and Digitalisation

Before the COVID-19 pandemic reshaped global commerce, there was an increase in digital activity within the bunkering space. New ways of working have been developed. In this panel discussion, join new and established players in the online bunker procurement space to discuss what digital bunkering has to offer the industry.

Moderator: J. Stephen Simms – Simms Showers Llp


  • Gerry Van Geyzel – CEO, ClearLynx Llc
  • Alok Sharma – Senior Vice President, Master Marine, INATECH ETRM Bunkering & Shipping Solution
  • Soren Meyer – CEO,  Zero North 
  • Jeff Mildner – Founder, Vortex Development Group

SESSION SIX: Credit Risk

As banks pull their financing against a backdrop of bankruptcies and fraudulent activity, understanding and dealing with credit and risk management has never been more critical. Get the insights you need by joining industry heavyweights for this panel discussion.

Moderator: Jason Silber – Managing Director, Seacred


  • Felix Yamasato – Senior Analyst, Infospectrum
  • Roger Dekkers -Group Trade Finance Director, Monjasa




SESSION SEVEN: The return of the Cruise industry

The return of the Cruise Industry:  COVID 19 led caused authorities around the world to ban cruises.  The news brought stories of the virus spreading among cruise passengers stranded aboard vessels, where ports would not admit them for treatment.  Although losing hundreds of millions of dollars as cruise ships were out of operation, with the availability of vaccination and more known about the virus, the cruise industry is pressing for a return to operation.  This session focuses on the cruise industry’s preparation for that return and lessons learned which may increase future industry efficiencies and attractiveness to customers and bunker providers.

Moderator: Eric Evans, Consultant


  • Michael Mcnamara – Vise President, Carnival
  • Bud Darr – Executive Vice President, Maritime Policy and Government Affairs, MSC Group
  • Lana Piterova – Fuel Commodity Manager | Global Fuel Sourcing and Operations, Royal Caribbean Group




The Challenges of Buying Bunkers During 2 Years of Historic Disruption – Hear the Americas leading bunker buyers talk about the issues they faced with price, quality, availability and operations.


  • Ángel Canessa – General Manager, Head of Bunker Procurement & Fleet Management, Ultranav
  • Frank Dahan – Director, Transportation Services and Global Fuel Strategy, CSL Group
  • Sandi Ennor – President, Transparensea Fuels, LLC



  • Stephen H. Crolius, President and Co-Founder, Carbon-Neutral Consulting, View full bio
  • Bud Darr, Executive Vice President, Maritime Policy and Government Affairs, MSC Group View full bio
  • Roger Dekkers, Group Trade Finance Director, Monjasa Group View full bio
  • Nigel Draffin, Consultant View full bio
  • Unni Einemo, Director, International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) View full bio
  • Eric Evans, Energy and Fuel Consultant View full bio
  • Jack Grogan - Senior Account Manager, VPS View full bio
  • Helle Graesdal - Head of Bunkers/Alliance Executive, Frontline and Golden Ocean  View full bio
  • Rasmus Jacobsen - Americas Director, Monjasa View full bio
  • Peter I. Keller, Principal, Peter I. Keller and Associates, LLC View full bio
  • Michael Mcnamara - Vise President, Carnival View full bio
  • Frédéric Meyer, Head of Strategy & Projects, Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions (TMFGS) View full bio
  • Alok Sharma, Senior Vice President, Inatech View full bio
  • J. Stephen Simms - Simms Showers Llp View full bio
  • Hauk Wahl - Business Development Manager, Intertek Lintec View full bio
  • Felix Yamasato - Senior Analyst, Infospectrum View full bio