CEO’s introduction to the January newsletter

CEO’s introduction to the January newsletter

The end of January is already upon us and time is flying by, however, it seems the year is off to a good start with the price of oil picking up and reports from Singapore and Gibraltar that it has been a good year for bunker throughput in 2016.

It is equally interesting to note that these two ports are members of IBIA’s Port Charter and are committed to delivering a quality service.

IBIA has started a round of workshops that highlight the utilisation of mass flow meters and the digitalisation of procedures and electronic information, underpinning our principles of transparency, quality and quantity. The most recent workshop was in Dubai last week, and there are others in London during IP week and then Panama in March.  You can find further information about the latter in IBIA to provide bunker session and MFM workshop at Panama Maritime Conference in March

January saw IBIA’s attendance at the International Maritime Organization at the Pollution Prevention and Response for its fourth session (PPR 4), which discussed how the 2020 implementation of the 0.50% sulphur cap should proceed. Many of IBIA’s principal proposals have been carried through to the next stage, as you can see in Unni’s articles:  IBIA update: Various views emerging at IMO on implementation of the 0.50% sulphur limit and IBIA commentary: IMO’s work on 0.50% sulphur limit implementation gets underway Also discussed at this session was the pathway towards controlling  black carbon emissions  in the Arctic.

I am pleased to advise that IBIA has recently recruited a number of new members courtesy of the Institute of Bunker Buyers & Consumers joining IBIA – see the article for further details.

Finally can I draw your attention to the changes in IBIA Articles and Bye-Laws  and IBIA’s AGM on Monday 20th February where all members are welcome to attend the Naval Club and hear more about what is happening with IBIA. There will also be the announcement of the elections. If you haven’t voted yet then please do so, you have a few days left to make your vote count.

I hope to see as many of you as possible at our Annual Dinner on the 20th of February. You still have time to book if you haven’t already done so.

All the best,
Peter Hall

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