IBIA Articles and Bye-Laws updated

IBIA Articles and Bye-Laws updated

Memorandum and Articles of Association clean copy as amended on the 15th December v1

Bye-Laws updated 19th January 2017

The IBIA board reviews and updates the Association Bye-laws on an annual basis on this occasion it has also reviewed the Articles of the Association.

Members should note that the amendments to the Articles of the Association are adopted by the membership.

The Adoption of the new articles are an agenda item at the AGM which takes place at the Naval Club on the 20th February 2016 at 1500 

The most up to date copy of both the Articles and Bye-laws are attached for your reference, however, the key changes are:

Time as a board member

Previously a clause stated that 1/3rd of the board was required to stand down at each election. This meant that it was possible for a board member elected to serve a 3-year term having their term cut short and only serving 2 years. 

This clause has been amended to state a board member is elected for a full 3 years.

They do however, retain the right to resign.

Board Officers

The clause regarding officers (Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer) has been amended.

All elected Officers are limited to serving a maximum of two consecutive terms in a particular office, following which they shall take a break of at least one year before holding office again with the exception of Vice Chair who could progress to Chair, if elected.

This makes it mandatory for the Treasurer and Chair to stand down from the board after serving 2 years in office.

The previous clause made it possible for the Treasurer or Chair to become a board member again and remain on the board for up to 10 years.

The overall intention of the changes is to ensure rotation on the board, ensuring that their is an opportunity for new board members to be elected and also ensure that continuation can be achieved.

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