Port Louis: New Developments

The Mauritian Government has decided to liberalise the Port Louis bunker market. In effect, this means that Total, Vivo Energy, Indian Oil and Engen will now be allowed to import their own cargoes from their own sources instead of relying on the STC (State Trading Corporation) to do it, meaning this should enable a more competitive market to those that source the cheapest cargoes. Currently the STC has been buying it exclusively from the Reliance Refinery in India. This area is MOST suitable for vsls en and RV  route South America to Far East . This liberalisation also will allow more entrants in to the market with excellent government support.

 The advantages, the  vessels can do anchorage supply via barge and RMG is available and the port calling costs are around  $3-5000 (USD) depending on GRT of the vessel on a direct trade route without much deviation.

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