IBIA CEO says farewell to Koji Sekimizu

IBIA CEO says farewell to Koji Sekimizu


IBIA CEO said goodbye to Koji Sekimizu on Wednesday 2nd December at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) as the Secretary-General bid his farewell at the close of the Assembly.

Hall thanked Sekimizu for his leadership, commitment and for making a difference to the marine industry during his tenure. His service at IMO over the past 26 years culminating in being general secretary since 2012 was an example of “Pragmatic Politics” Within IMO there is a need to bring views which are at opposite ends of the spectrum together in a meaningful way.

Koji in his closing speech to a crowded lobby, thanked the secretariat team he had worked with over the past 26 years and the various delegations, committees and subcommittees. He referred to the challenges that lay ahead for IMO, such as climate change, Ballast Water Management Convention, and a new global sulphur cap in 2020. These would require strong leadership, he payed tribute to the incoming Secretary General, Kitack Lim of South Korea who formerly takes up post in January 2016.


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