Technology is on IBIA’s side

Technology is on IBIA’s side

IBIA is turning a page and starting its physical events and activities again, taking advantage of the digital experience we have gained and aiming to continue reaching out the industry at a global level.

The IBIA Annual Convention was held, for a second year, on a digital format, as Covid-19 restrictions made travel difficult for some of our members.

The Convention kicked off with a welcome address from IBIA Director and IMO Representative Unni Einemo and IBIA Chairman Henrik Zederkof, as well as a keynote speech from IMO Secretary General Kitack Lim.

“There can be no doubt that we are in the process of evolution,” Lim said in his speech. “Future low- and zero-carbon fuels will need to be supplied to ships which are already themselves undergoing innovation in design and operation to meet mandatory IMO efficiency measures. To achieve this, new marine fuels will need to be developed and the infrastructure built to deliver these fuels to the ships. The bunker industry will be at the forefront of this transformation.”

Over the course of the Convention, from 2 to 4 November, IBIA arranged 11 panel discussions with speakers from across the world, discussing the key issues facing the industry.

The programme also included two live workshops. The first was  Future Fuels , moderated by the chairman of the IBIA Future Fuels working group, Constantinos Capetanakis, Bunker Director of Starbulk SA and IBIA Board Member.  Our attendees joined the panellists and members of the working group to participate in an interactive live extended Q&A/workshop. This workshop explored what we should expect in the years ahead, how the new fuels will work in engines and what preparations need to be done for the zero-carbon transition.

The second workshop was the ‘Bunker Surgery’, moderated by Adrian Tolson – Director and Lead, Blue Insight and IBIA Board Member. This covered how IBIA is taking an increasingly vital role in representing the bunker industry and the challenges of regulation and decarbonisation. IBIA is committed to helping our members and industry stakeholders be ready for this transition. As part of the IBIA 2021 Convention, we invited both members and non-members to join us for this unique session and gave them the opportunity to interact directly with the IBIA Board Members.

On the first day of the convention the panels covered the regulatory environment at the IMO and in the European Union, a conversation among top bunker executives about the state of the industry, shipping’s difficult past decade and the energy transition over the next twenty years. The day ended with a workshop debating the future fuels the industry will be trading in before too long.

On the second day, the panels focused on prospects for the industry across IBIA’s five key regions, how marine fuels are priced, the current situation with bunker quality and the supply chain challenges in today’s market. The day ended with a workshop discussing IBIA’s changing role and how the organisation can better help its members and the industry more widely.

On the third day panel discussions centred around the enforcement of emissions regulations, bunker licensing systems, mass flow meters and the increasing digitalisation of the bunker industry.

A special thank you and closing remarks were given by Sofia Konstantopoulou, Global Head, Marketing & Events. She said: “We would like once again to thank the Secretary General of the IMO Mr Kitack Lim and recognise the contribution from our moderators and panellists, our Gold sponsor: Bunker One, our Bronze sponsors: Cockett Marine Oil; Island Oil Holdings, Methanol Institute, Simms Showers, Starbulk SA, Petrol Ofisi and the Turkish Chamber of Shipping. Of course Our Media partner: Ship & Bunker and our Exhibitors: AMSOL, Prime’s Bunkersplus Services, Termoil and Terpel as well as thank our supporting associations and media sponsors.”

Moving to the most anticipated event of the year for the bunkering industry, we are looking forward to welcome our members and their guests on 21 February at the IBIA Annual Dinner in London. Tickets are now a sold out but in the meantime we will continue updating you on our other exciting in-person events planned for 2022.

IBIA continues running a comprehensive series of online training courses to educate, inform and help the members of our industry to understand the international regulations, and offer guidance on how best practice and the application of international standards can improve their ability to source, supply and use the fuels required now and in the medium term. Adding to our range, IBIA has just launched the 14th module,  ‘Introduction to LNG Bunkers’, as an addition to the IBIA Basic Bunkering Course, a programme of training modules designed to introduce new entrants or staff with limited knowledge of the bunker industry to the most important aspects of the bunker industry.

It is IBIA’s honour to represent the bunkering industry, giving it a voice  that is listened to and helps maintain a high profile voice for this vital sector.  We are striving to ensure that the steps we take are in the right direction, for the benefit of our members and the industry as a whole.

Make sure you add to the voice of bunkering! If you and your company wish to join the IBIA community, participate in the members meetings, actively contribute to our working groups and attend conferences and training courses, you can become an individual or corporate member now! You can access all information on our website

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Sofia Konstantopoulou
Global Head of Marketing & Events

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