Supplier licensing on agenda at MEPC 79

Supplier licensing on agenda at MEPC 79

IBIA and BIMCO have shared the results of our survey on bunker licensing and mass flow metering systems in a document submitted to the 79th session of the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 79).

Our document, MEPC 79/INF.24, highlights that the survey identified broad support among maritime industry stakeholders for the adoption of bunker licensing schemes and mass flow metering systems to improve transparency and market conditions. You can read the paper on this link.

Another document, MEPC 79/5 submitted by a number of shipping organisations, outlines information from fuel samples tested during 2020 especially in relation to the level of sulphur compliance for Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (VLSFO), including geographical differences.

It concludes by inviting Member States to consider implementing and enforcing a licensing scheme for bunker suppliers operating within their jurisdiction to combat the high level of non-compliance in some poorer performing geographical regions.

The paper is similar to one discussed last month at the IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee, where IBIA spoke in favour of effective bunker licensing schemes like the one enforced in Singapore. You can read about that on this link.

The two documents are due to be discussed in plenary on Tuesday and may then referred to the Working Group on Air Pollution and Energy Efficiency set up during MEPC 79 for consideration.

MEPC 79 is meeting at the IMO from 12-16 December 2022.

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