IBIA Board Elections 2024 – Call for Nominations

IBIA Board Elections 2024 – Call for Nominations

IBIA is arranging an election to replace board members whose term will be ending on 31 March 2024. There will be two vacancies. These elections are an opportunity for IBIA members to seek election to the board and take part in the running of the Association.

Members of IBIA are invited to propose candidates for election who in their opinion will make a meaningful contribution to the running of the Association. Prospective Board Members should be aware that being a Board Member is not just a titular position; they are expected to take an active part in the activities of the Association. Here are copies of the Responsibilities of IBIA Board Members and to download the nomination form click: IBIA Board Election Nomination Form

Prospective candidates should also look at the Bye-Laws, particularly the parts of Section 14 that deal with the election process.

Candidates for the election to the Board must:

     •        Consent to stand for election

     •        Be paid-up members of the Association

     •        Be proposed and seconded by paid-up Members of the Association

     •        Complete and return the nomination form

Completed forms must be delivered to the secretariat no later than Thursday 14 December 2023 Please return via email to tara.morjaria@ibia.net the completed nomination form as (i) a signed PDF and (ii) in Word format for processing.

Nominations received after the closing date will not be accepted.

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