MPA – ask more owners to adopt MFM

MPA – ask more owners to adopt MFM


Speaking at the IBIA in Asia Forum Dr Parry Oei, Director of port services at MPA. said “The only issue now we are confronted with is convincing shipowners that MFMs are the way to go,”

The use of mass flowmeters (MFMs) for bunkering in Singapore is gaining wide acceptance in the industry,  The next steps are to encourage more shipowners,  to accept them

The adoption of new technology in the bunkering industry is not easy. “There is always hesitation about measurement uncertainty of the MFM system.” Dr Parry Oei advised. However, the adoption process included a robust series of test before being approved for use by bunker tankers.

“We are confident that the industry will enjoy the lower measurement uncertainty for bunker deliveries with the use of the MFMs,” continued Oei at IBIA’s Forum which addressed New Fuels and New Technologies. 

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