IBIA Supports Project Connect Greece

IBIA Supports Project Connect Greece

Maritime knowledge rooted in primary and growing in secondary & vocational schools in Greece

Adopt a Ship is making maritime education available and progressive in Greek elementary schools for its 5th school year and growing to Jr High and Vocational Schools this school year.

Pupils of all ages are more interested than ever to attend school and Captains spirits are lifted as they are “bridged” to shore by a class’s e-mail, because of this amazing maritime educational program.

Adopt a Ship offers the chance for exchange of valuable seafaring information and it covers all bases. “It is the best response to what children and shipping need today. If there is any doubt, just look at the wonderful results of the program”  says, Irene Notias, director of the program and Project Connect in Greece.

Children need to know what types of vocations are out there for them to choose and seafarers need to be recognized as key workers.  Adopt a Ship is influencing both.  To date, over 5000 pupils of Greece, their teachers and families know about shipping because of the program which instills seafaring awareness and practical maritime knowledge in children and steers them towards progress and new horizons otherwise unknown to them and their families.

“There is no doubt that the Adopt a Ship program is the best branding for international shipping and what is extraordinary is that it is the public and private school teachers of elementary, Jr High, and Vocational schools of Greece that are voluntarily teaching it in a very unique, interactive way that it comes to life in Greece.” 

Only a month and a half since Project Connect was awarded the authorization by the Ministry of Education, fifty-five (55) schools have already chosen to support the program offering to over one hundred (100) classes the opportunity to become familiar with the life at sea by adopting their vessels and following their voyages for the entire school year.

The pupils of all school levels are learning that it is shipping that transports most of the goods they are using. They are learning about ports, geography, cultures, commerce & trade, cargoes, history of Greek Shipping, the different types of vessels, English language, and much more. They are also gaining soft skills from empathy for crew, and teamanship as they compose letters to Captains at sea together.

“Adopt a Ship”, as XRTC’s Director, Mr George Xiradakis stated last year, “is the solution to the decreasing numbers of seafarers world-wide.”   Five percent (5%) of the pupils participating in the program have declared they aspire to become Captains and some are females.

Together with the seafaring captains and crew, teachers are bringing value to the sustainability of our beloved shipping community, by implementing the Adopt a Ship program in their weekly school lesson plans.

The Project Connect team is working round the clock to meet the needs of the schoolteachers, to match them with vessels and source schools located near Marine Academies and vessels.

There is a need for more vessels to cover the schools nationwide that are applying to Adopt a Ship. 

Project Connect aims to help prepare the next generation workforce that will sustain our future shipping companies with high standards and excellence.

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