Joint Singapore forum examines alternative fuels and scrubbers

IBIA, together with the Methanol Institute and Lloyds Register, held an event in Singapore on 17 March entitled : The 2020 Challenge: Where Fuels and Technology Meet Logistics.

This marine industry forum addressed options available to ship owners in efforts to comply with International Maritime Organization regulations to reduce emissions, with a focus on alternative fuels and technology.

IBIA Asia Chairman, Rahul Choudhuri, welcomed delegates, while the forum speakers: Tony Regan from DataFusion spoke about LNG; Bengt Ramne from ScandiNAOS spoke about methanol; and Dr. Prapisala Thepsithar from Energy Research Institute, NTU spoke about scrubbers.

The forum was very well attended with around 120 participants, many of whom stayed behind to ask questions after the panel session.

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