Jesper Rosenkrans steps down as IBIA Board Member

Jesper Rosenkrans, who joined the IBIA Board on 01 April 2021 will be stepping down as an IBIA Board Member. Jesper has been a valuable and important asset to the IBIA Board and various working groups in his role as Global Commercial Director for Marine Fuels at TotalEnergies. He is moving away from the bunker industry to a new role at TotalEnergies.

The IBIA Board and Secretariat wish Jesper the greatest success in his new role and acknowledge the contribution he has made to the association, not only when serving on the IBIA Board, but as an active member of IBIA. Unni Einemo, IBIA Director comments: “Jesper brought great insights and clarity of thought to the table, and it has been a pleasure working with him. We will miss his presence in the bunker industry and on the Board of IBIA.”

The IBIA Board have taken a decision not to replace Jesper’s position on the board. As it stands, the IBIA board has a broad industry representation and will wait for the next board elections later this year to appoint a democratically elected representative.

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