In memory of Angus Ogilvie

In memory of Angus Ogilvie

Angus Ogilvie lecturing, May 2014

Angus Ogilvie, Council member, Board member, Past Treasurer and Past Vice Chairman of the International Bunker Industry Association sadly passed away on Tuesday 18 August. Angus had been one of the early members of the Association and participated fully in all of its activities.

Angus came into the bunker industry in the early 1980’s working for Neil Cockett,  founder of what is now Cockett Marine Oil. He continued to work at the most senior levels of Cockett until his retirement in 2011.

“Angus was committed to training and education within our industry and was instrumental in the preparation and presentation of the original IBIA One Day Basic Bunkering course.

At that time, I was the co-ordinator of the Education Working Group and we could not have managed without the talents and support of Angus,” says Nigel Draffin, who is currently the Treasurer of IBIA and continues to teach IBIA courses.

Angus continued to attend IBIA functions for years until his health prevented him from making the journey to Central London.

“He was a valued member of the Association, well respected for his knowledge and experience but more than that, he was good company, a valued friend and always willing to join in with the social life as well as the business of our many Conventions,” Nigel adds.

“Angus has been described by many in the industry as the perfect gentleman, which I wholeheartedly agree with. I had the good fortune to meet him when I was the editor at Bunkerworld. He was always happy to share his knowledge, and his kindness and the twinkle in his eye made him a joy to be around,” says Unni Einemo, the Director of IBIA. 

Angus Ogilvie touched many lives and will be remembered fondly by a very large number of members of the Association. He will be missed.

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