IBIA’s new working group structure – get involved to make a difference!

IBIA’s new working group structure – get involved to make a difference!

IBIA has restructured its working groups (WGs) and reviewed the process for how to pick our battles, and encourage members to participate more actively to help shape the future of our industry.

The WGs are forums where IBIA members, IBIA board members and the Secretariat come together to look at specific issues affecting the industry, allowing us to discuss and consider them and decide on a way forward.  Participation in the WGs, and proposals for what subject to pursue, are open to all IBIA members and any member could become a ‘champion’ for a specific project, if the board gives its approval.

IBIA currently has five main external-looking ‘parent’ WGs, plus one for IBIA events, each chaired by an IBIA board member. Each of these parent WGs cover specific areas, and whenever a new issue or subject comes up that may require IBIA’s attention and participation, the relevant WG chairs are asked to coordinate the relevant support from within their WG. Some subjects, like environmental issues, may fall under the remit of more than one WG, in which case all the relevant WG chairs would be invited to participate and help identify the right resources.

The WGs and the current chairs are:

Commercial. Subjects include Terms & Conditions, Ethics
Chair: Mustafa Muhtaroglu, Energy Petrol:  mustafa@energypetrol.com

Education. Also covers Training
Chair: Michael Green, Intertek Lintec: mg@lintec-group.com

Legal. Subjects include Legislation/Regulation, Rapid Resolution Scheme
Chairs: Patrick Holloway, Webber Wentzel Attorneys: Patrick.Holloway@webberwentzel.com
Steve Simms, Simms Showers LLP: jssimms@simmsshowers.com

Operational. Subjects include Safety, Port Charter, Standards, Environment
Chair: Bob Sanguinetti, Port of Gibraltar: Bob.Sanguinetti@port.gov.gi

Technical.  Subjects include Fuel quality, Alternative fuels, LNG, Environment
Chair: John Stirling, World Fuel Services: jstirling@wfscorp.com

Events. Subjects include IBIA Annual Convention, Annual Dinner, Forums
Chair: Eugenia Benavides, Terpel: eugenia.benavides@terpel.com

The Chairman of the Board, Robin Meech of Marine and Energy Consulting, and IBIA’s CEO Peter Hall are ‘default’ members of all the WGs. Unni Einemo acts as WG coordinator and takes a lead on subjects relating to IBIA’s involvement at the IMO.

It is not realistic for the chair of each ‘parent’ WG to take the lead on each and every subject that falls within their remit, so there is a sub-structure where each subject has its own sub-WG and chair within the parent WG structure. This allows us to designate sub-WG chairs that will be champions for their particular subject, which has two advantages; it eases the burden on the parent WG chair, and the sub-WG chairs are given scope to drive the work on something that they really care about. A great example of this is the HSSE item looking at the ship/barge interface that IBIA board member Nigel Draffin is taking a lead on (Read more)

Feel free to contact the WG chairs to offer your support for one or more of the ‘parent’ WGs, or subjects where you have special skills and interests to make sure you play your part in forming the future. Or contact Unni Einemo on unni@ibia.netto register your interest or raise subjects you think IBIA should look into and try to influence the direction of travel.

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