IBIA to offer first Singapore MPA accredited mass flow meter course

IBIA to offer first Singapore MPA accredited mass flow meter course

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has accredited the International Bunker Industry’s (IBIA) new Mass Flow Meter training course. The course, which is next being held 17-18 November in Singapore, provides in depth information about mass flow meters; how to install and use them and looks at legislative, calibration and accuracy issues. The announcement was made at the IBIA Annual Convention in Hamburg this week (4 November).

In April this year the MPA was the world’s first port authority to introduce mandatory mass flow meter system for its bunker suppliers.

Mass flow meters measure the flow rate of fluid and allow for greater efficiency, accuracy and transparency in the bunkering industry.  The process of dipping tanks and measuring temperatures and volume to convert to mass calculations are prone to variances, and can lead to inaccurate determination of quantity, which can in turn lead to disputes. The enforcement will ensure the customer receives the quantity they have purchased.

IBIA Chief Executive Peter Hall said:

“This is the latest in our range of professional training courses for the bunkering industry. Ultimately, the use of mass flow meter will result in smoother bunker transaction landscape with less commercial disputes, shorter delivery times and a simpler custody transfer process.”

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