IBIA supports local needs with the forming of Regional Boards

IBIA supports local needs with the forming of Regional Boards

As a member-led organisation focused on the development and the improvement of the bunker industry, IBIA’s value is directly correlated to members’ engagement and to the value they bring.

We are privileged to have a very diverse membership base, that includes players regardless of their size, their location, and their specific type of activity within the bunker industry. All our members can contribute to the achievement of IBIA’s goals with their know-how, their particular expertise, and their initiatives.

One of the challenges of Global organisations like IBIA, that play an active role in global industries like shipping, is to be able to identify global trends, while not losing sight of local dynamics, that in the bunker world are incredibly relevant. With this challenge in mind, the IBIA Board of Directors embarked 2 years ago in a strategic review that brought us the creation of a structure based on a Global Board as well as 5 Regional Boards in Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, and Americas.

We have 1 active Interim Regional Board (Asia) with Africa, and Americas Interim Regional Boards being finalised by the end of 2021, and we plan to get the remaining two Regional Boards (Europe and Middle East) going in the next 12 – 18 months. These Interim Regional Boards will allow for growth and development within the regions, until such time as democratically elected Regional Boards are put in place.

Regional Boards comprise of 5 members, based in their respective regions, and focused on priorities such as liaising with local authorities, generate content and training relevant for local players, and organise regionally focused events. What is particularly interesting about Regional Boards is that they will follow a normal election process (similar to what happens for the Global Board) and the elected Regional Board Chairman, will automatically have a seat on the Global Board, hence ensuring regional representation when it comes to setting IBIA’s Global strategy.

Our call to action: Get involved and engaged. Take an active role in setting the direction that IBIA will follow and take the opportunity to do so by being part of a Regional Board, in the area where you are based. Our shared desire to have a positive impact on the bunker industry and to dedicate our time and effort to it is what makes IBIA special.

Timothy Cosulich

CEO, Fratelli Cosulich Group of Companies

IBIA Board Member and Vice Chairman

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