IBIA supports industry education at Oxford Bunker Course

IBIA supports industry education at Oxford Bunker Course

There was active involvement from IBIA at the Oxford Bunker Course in September, a residential five-day course held twice a year in the famous English University City. The first day of the course is based on the IBIA one day Basic Course and over the years, IBIA members have featured strongly in the body of lecturers, including council or board members. The course in September kept up this tradition.

Participants at the Oxford Bunker Course, September 2017 (Photo courtesy of Nigel Draffin)

IBIA board member Nigel Draffin is the course director, while IBIA board member and Vice Chairman Michael Green lectured on the roles of bunker surveyors and our Chief Executive, Justin Murphy, gave a presentation on the role of IBIA.

Michael Green lecturing  (Photo: Nigel Draffin)

The course was initially set up by Neil Cockett (Founder of Cockett Marine Oil). It was taken over by the College of Petroleum Studies in the early 1990’s and subsequently by Bunker News then Petrospot, which runs the course today.

Over the years, IBIA council or board members that have lectured at the course have included Doug Barrow, Angus Ogilvie, Mike Ball, Ivar Tonnesen, Chris Leigh Jones, Bob Thornton, John Stirling and Andrew Preston. Nigel Draffin has been a lecturer since 1993.

IBIA has been officially represented since 1993 by one of the board and in recent years also by the Chief Executive, who introduces the Association.

Many senior executives in the bunker sector are alumni of this course, which trains about 40 delegates a year. Well over a thousand delegates have attended the Oxford Bunker Course since IBIA became involved.

Industry education is one of IBIA’s key objectives and the Association is proud of the role it plays in this well-established course.

Justin Murphy presenting at the the Oxford Bunker Course (Photo: Nigel Draffin)
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