IBIA – Strongly supports the continued reduction of GHG

IBIA strongly supports the continued reduction of GHG

The 195 nations meeting in Paris, at the United Nations Climate Change Conference, unanimously adopted an agreement on the reduction of Green House Gases (GHG) The decision on the 12 December will no doubt be known as “The Paris Agreement” (a copy is available at the bottom of this article).  

It is, however, interesting to note that Aviation and Maritime transport are not included in the agreement. In IBIA’s view a clear signal that IMO is left to pick up the baton and progress this matter in the Maritime sector, IBIA strongly supports the continued reduction of GHG from the marine sector in conjunction with IMO, the EU and other regulators.

Given the strong government support for management, IBIA believes it is now time for the IMO member states and NGO’s to engage in an “environmentally, responsible  realistic, response” said CEO Peter Hall. A response that delivers a level playing field for global shipping.

As individuals and as an industry we all need to play our part in protecting the planet for future generations continued Hall.

Given that the majority of goods travel by sea it is vital that realistic measures are put in place. One of the first is to establish a benchmark for shipping on current CO2 emissions and the continued revision of this data as measures are implemented.

IBIA will be engaging with other representatives at IMO in early 2016 when it is expected that CO2 targets can start to be formulated at the International Maritime Organisation.

Many ship owners and operators are already engaged in adopting practices to measure impacts and “continuous improvement” on improving emissions of CO2 however, the approach needs to be more universal.

Paris Agreement

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