IBIA seeks industry participation for pivotal digitalisation survey.

IBIA seeks industry participation for pivotal digitalisation survey.

The International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) is inviting industry stakeholders to contribute to its latest initiative – a comprehensive digitalisation survey. Spearheaded by the IBIA Digitalisation Working Group, this endeavour is in anticipation of the forthcoming IBIA Annual Convention.

With the goal of providing a holistic overview of the bunker value chain, the survey emphasises:

The current landscape of digital solutions in the industry.

• Potential areas for digital advancement.

• Challenges that may inhibit such digital transformations.

IBIA believes that industry-wide participation will not only foster invaluable insights but will also:

• Assess the depth and breadth of digitalisation strategies in place.

• Identify the current digital tools utilised by industry members.

• Pinpoint sectors of the value chain that demand priority in digitalisation.

The data garnered from this survey is instrumental in enhancing the Digitalisation Session at the convention. By ensuring it encapsulates real-world insights, challenges, and opportunities, IBIA aims to provide actionable strategies for the industry’s future progression.

“We are at a pivotal moment in the maritime sector’s digital evolution,” says Kenneth Juhls, IBIA Digitalisation Working Group Chair. “To ensure our strategies are both relevant and effective, we need the collective intelligence of our industry. This survey is an opportunity for every stakeholder to voice their experiences and insights.”

To participate in the survey: IBIA DIGITALISATION SURVEY

Industry members and stakeholders are encouraged to submit their feedback by Friday, 20 October 2023.

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