IBIA proudly supports Project Connect’s “Adopt a Ship” programme

IBIA proudly supports Project Connect’s “Adopt a Ship” programme

IBIA is pleased to endorse Project Connect’s “Adopt a Ship,” an award-winning maritime education and training initiative recognised by LLOYDS and endorsed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). As the maritime industry transitions into a new energy era, the need for educating and training both existing personnel and newcomers becomes increasingly crucial. “Adopt a Ship” plays a pivotal role in preparing a new generation for the challenges and opportunities ahead, both ashore and at sea.

For the past six years, Project Connect, a non-profit organisation operating in Greece and internationally, has been instrumental in bridging the gap between the maritime industry and education. Through “Adopt a Ship,” seagoing vessels are connected with primary, secondary, and nautical vocational schools, offering students unparalleled insights into the maritime world. This program not only enriches students’ enthusiasm for learning but also serves as a breeding ground for future captains, engineers, and seafarers.

The curriculum of “Adopt a Ship” encompasses a wide array of subjects including life at sea, shipping and bunkering, commerce and trade, geography, ports, cultures, and languages, along with essential STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) topics, presented in an interactive manner. Beyond academic knowledge, the program fosters soft skills like empathy for seafarers and teamwork, contributing to the holistic development of students.

“Adopt a Ship” also acts as a vital ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) initiative, positively branding the shipping and bunkering industry within the educational system. IBIA commends the shipping members of Project Connect, along with the dedicated teachers and captains, who devote their vessels and time to educate young minds about life at sea and share their captivating journeys.

Founded by Irene Notias, a member of IBIA, Project Connect launched “Adopt a Ship” in Greece in 2018 and expanded its reach to Florida in 2023. IBIA celebrates this significant contribution to maritime education and the future of our industry.

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