IBIA launch new member benefit

IBIA launch new member benefit

A new benefit for members is the formation of a commercial work group.

The objective of the group is to respond to members that have commercial challenges/problems that they would like advice about.

A number a questions have been raised recently covering such areas as “codes of practice for ethical working” delivering a fair and transparent service along with other queries on commercial practices.

We would be delighted to help find solutions to these challenges along with other technical questions that you may have.

We would also like to remind members that IBIA currently has a legal work group, this addresses members issues on legal matters. It also works with other associations in developing terms and conditions such as with the new BIMCO terms.

Plus IBIA offers the very affordable “IBIA – Arbitration and Resolution Service” to help address specific disputes that members may have.

Furthermore participation on work groups is open to all members to apply, if you feel you have a particular set of skills that can help the association please let me know.

We currently have work groups looking at

  • Training
  • Environment Issues
  • Safety
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Conventions and Forums
  • Legal
  • And Commercial

Contact Ibia@ibia.net

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