IBIA Chair announces amendment to Clause 17 for greater transparency and ethics

IBIA Chair announces amendment to Clause 17 for greater transparency and ethics

The International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) today revealed an update to Clause 17 of its Bye-Laws, as part of its ongoing commitment to uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct and promote transparency in the bunker industry. This update is in alignment with the strategic vision outlined by the Chair of IBIA, Timothy Cosulich, at the onset of his tenure in April 2022.

The modification to Clause 17 now mandates that all Global Board members adhere to the IBIA Code of Conduct, formerly known as the IBIA Code of Ethics. “This commitment underscores our intention that our leadership represents a true role model for the highest standard of ethical behaviour within our industry,” Cosulich said in a letter to IBIA’s members.

He added: “The IBIA Code of Conduct specifies the responsibilities and appropriate practices for our members. It reaffirms our pledge to enhance integrity, transparency, and professionalism in all our activities and engagements. Adherence to these principles enables us to further elevate our reputation, influence, and contribution in the international bunker industry.”

IBIA members are urged to review the updated Bye-Laws, paying special attention to the newly revised Clause 17, along with the IBIA Code of Conduct available on the IBIA website. Members’ adherence to the Code of Conduct is not only greatly valued but also a testament to a shared dedication to achieving industry excellence.

IBIA is grateful to its members for their continual support and active participation in the Association’s initiatives, and firmly believes in the collective potential to promote integrity, transparency and ethical business practices within the industry.

Members seeking more information or clarification regarding the amendment are encouraged to reach out directly to IBIA.


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