IBIA CEO speaks at European Marine Engineering Conference

IBIA CEO speaks at European Marine Engineering Conference

The European Marine Engineering Conference was held on 13-14 April, 2016 in Amsterdam. The event changed its name from the ‘Annual Marine Propulsion Conference’ and focused on the operational, technological and engineering challenges facing ship operators today and in the next five years.

IBIA CEO, Peter Hall spoke at the event, as part of a session focused on Marine Fuels.

The Marine Fuels session opened with a summary of the issues impacting the segment as well as an appropriate excerpt from The Marine Propulsion Industry Survey sponsored by ExxonMobil. This was followed by a presentation and debate covering different fuels types, fuel quality, operational issues, and lessons learnt. Each presenter then offered a summary survival guide, detailing strategies for coping with the key issues delegates would be facing in the forthcoming year.

The other marine fuels speakers were:

Armelle Breneol, EAME Marine Logistics Advisor, ExxonMobil Marine Fuels
Mark Bell, Chairman, SGMF (Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel)

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