IBIA board member Bob Sanguinetti in new government role

Bob Sanguinetti has recently taken up a new post with the Government of Gibraltar, where he will use his experience from his role as CEO and Captain of the Port of Gibraltar to help with a strategic review of the maritime industry in Gibraltar as the British enclave considers the impact of Brexit.

Sanguinetti, who became an IBIA board member on April 1, 2016, has been a strong advocate for the Port of Gibraltar since he took up the top post at the port in May 2014. In his new government position, he will be tasked with a strategic review of the Port and of its future potential areas of business as the United Kingdom and Gibraltar prepare to leave the European Union. He intends to continue being a proactive board member at IBIA.

The deputy Captain of the Port, Manuel Tirado, succeeds Sanguinetti as the acting CEO and Captain of the Port.

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