In July, I’ve had the opportunity to be at the Ocean Expo Ningbo where I had meaningful conversations with industry leaders, exchanging ideas, and gaining valuable insights into the latest trends and opportunities in China.

I also took the opportunity to meet with the Zhoushan port authority and some of the bunker suppliers in Zhoushan during this trip.

It’s amazing to note while we have a common goal towards decarbonisation and sustainability, the challenges faced differ from one port to another. This trip once again highlighted the importance of collaboration across the whole supply chain. The purpose of this trip was to introduce IBIA to the bunkering community in China and explain what we do. II look forward to further deepening our relationships and playing a role in China’s vibrant bunkering community.

IBIA-GREEN MARINE Signs Cooperation Agreement – Develop Methanol Bunkering Training

As shared in the previous quarter, one of our top priorities is training. IBIA is committed to equipping our members with the necessary knowledge and skills as we move towards a greener and more sustainable future.

In this regard, I am pleased that IBIA, with the support of Methanol Institute, has signed a cooperation agreement with GREEN MARINE to deliver methanol bunkering training specifically for cargo officers and bunker surveyors. The plan is to commence the training in Singapore first and expanding globally in 2024.

I am also happy to note that as a start, we have worked together with the crew from the supplying tanker and the bunker surveyors involved in the methanol bunkering pilot in Singapore on 27 July 2023 by identifying and plugging the training gaps and competency needs prior to the successful pilot.

Siti Noraini Zaini
Regional Manager, IBIA Asia
T: +65 6472 0916
E: Siti@ibia.net
W: www.ibia.net

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