IBIA and GCMD: Strengthening partnerships for a sustainable future

IBIA and GCMD: Strengthening partnerships for a sustainable future

During a recent visit to Singapore, Alexander Prokopakis, Executive Director of IBIA, joined by Capt. Rahul Choudhuri, IBIA Asia Regional Board Chair and Siti Noraini Zaini, Regional Manager IBIA (Asia), had the privilege of meeting with Prof Lynn Loo, CEO of the Global Centre for Maritime Decarbonisation (GCMD). This meeting underscored the strength of the ongoing partnership between IBIA and GCMD, emphasising our joint commitment to steering the maritime industry towards a more sustainable, low-carbon future.

The collaboration with GCMD is a cornerstone of IBIA’s strategy to promote environmental sustainability within the maritime sector. Engaging with GCMD allows us to be at the forefront of initiatives that drive significant reductions in maritime emissions, an essential step towards achieving global environmental goals.

We are proud to be part of this transformative journey, working alongside a key player like GCMD. This partnership not only allows us to contribute to crucial decarbonisation efforts but also to share expert insights and innovative practices with our members, enhancing the industry’s collective capability to manage its environmental impact.

IBIA continues to support and participate actively in global efforts to promote sustainable maritime practices, and meetings like this are pivotal in advancing our mission.

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