IBIA Africa Report – Navigating growth, engagement and opportunities

IBIA Africa Report – Navigating growth, engagement and opportunities

IBIA continues to help Africa’s bunker industry advance, focusing on growth, training, and expanding our geographical footprint.

As the Africa Regional Manager for IBIA, I am pleased to report on our recent activities, upcoming events, and strategic outlook for the future of the bunker industry in Africa.

Following the success of the recent IBIA Africa Conference, it’s clear that our collaboration with regional working groups and authorities has been instrumental in promoting IBIA in the region. The Regional Board is currently in the process of defining IBIA’s level of involvement with these groups. Our active participation in pivotal regional meetings is crucial. They provide IBIA with the platform to directly support members, ensure our voice is heard and keep abreast of unfolding discussions. IBIA will continue to serve as a guiding source of information, pooling in experts who can provide invaluable advice.

Our commitment to member engagement continues as we plan to facilitate regional online member meetings. This will not just cater to our existing Africa membership, but also invited authorities and potential members. We are also keen to have speakers who can impart their experiences in effective collaboration with regulators and in elevating bunker standards.

One area where we have recognised the need and have seen positive impacts is training. The success of our training initiatives in Ghana is testament to this. We are currently exploring potential courses and venues to expand this success and cater to a broader African audience.

While the growth trajectory for IBIA Africa membership has been encouraging, there are untapped regions poised for potential growth. We have identified North Africa and East Africa as these regions where our team is actively working to establish contacts for potential new members.

IBIA’s commitment to Africa is unwavering. We are driven by the goal of ensuring that the bunker industry thrives, grows, and adapts to the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the African bunkering scene. As we chart our course, your feedback, participation, and support remain invaluable.

Should any of our members wish to engage further regarding the above, you are encouraged to contact me directly.

If you would like to engage with the IBIA Africa team, or become a member of IBIA, explore opportunities to be a speaker, sponsor or find out more about our local activities, engagements, and events, please contact me.

I would like to take this moment to warmly thank our Africa Membership for your support and continued dialogue this year and wish you all a healthy and happy festive season.

Tahra Sergeant

Regional Manager (Africa) & Global Head, Events


+27 799907544

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