IBIA Africa launches industry survey and future events

IBIA Africa launches industry survey and future events

The IBIA Africa Regional office takes steps to further understand the needs of the Africa shipping and bunker market

IBIA Africa has launched an extensive online survey to our IBIA members based in Africa and is encouraging the wider participation of the shipping and bunker industry within the African region. The rationale behind this survey is to gain valuable insights to further understand and identify the specific regional needs of the Africa markets. The regional team proposes to establish a more targeted and region-specific offering to our members, industry and future members. The online survey, aimed at the wider maritime industry, will serve as a valuable tool to get the industry’s views, and help mould IBIA Africa’s strategic growth and engagement.

To further engage with the IBIA Africa membership and industry, the Africa team will host an open forum online meeting in July 2023. We invite all members of IBIA who have interests and or future interests in the Africa market to join us as we share IBIA’s aspirations for Africa as well as hear directly from you about your expectations.

In exciting news, IBIA Africa is in the throes of planning our first in-person event in Q2 of 2023, this will be the 3rd IBIA Africa Conference. This conference will take place in West Africa and will allow us to bring the Africa shipping and bunker industry together. We will focus on addressing the challenges the maritime and bunkering industry face today as well as envisioning/predicting/covering future aspects of the industry. We will gain first-hand insights and understand the challenges faced and successes achieved in the bunkering and shipping sectors. IBIA will also present the latest updates from the IMO while industry experts and leaders will share important industry developments and experiences. All of the above is work in progress and, as we secure venues and arrange dates and times, we will remain engaged with our members and industry with regular updates via email and on the IBIA website.

Should any of our members wish to discuss these plans in more detail please contact me directly.

More generally, if you would like to engage with the IBIA Africa team, or become a member of IBIA, speaker, sponsor or find out more about our local engagements and events, you can contact me at:

Tahra Sergeant
Regional Manager: Africa
Mobile +27 (0)79 990 7544
S  sergeant.tahra W ibia.net

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