IBIA Africa office celebrates 7 years

IBIA Africa office celebrates 7 years

We take a fond look at the past seven years as we prepare for the next chapter

IBIA Africa has covered much of the African continent in the seven years since this regional office was set up in April 2014. We have hosted several conferences, training sessions and attended many industry engagements. We have dedicated our report in this issue to a pictorial review of our members, events, and activities to celebrate these first seven years. A thank you to all those who sponsored, participated, and have given their time to IBIA Africa and its growth. In particular, we would like to thank long- serving IBIA Member Patrick Holloway (Partner, Webber Wentzel) for his dedication and continued service to IBIA and the bunkering industry, both locally and globally. Patrick has served as IBIA Africa Executive Committee Member and IBIA Global Board Member, and while his term on the Board has recently come to an end, he remains an active member and important historical resource for IBIA Africa as we anticipate the announcement of the upcoming new Interim IBIA Africa Regional Board.

We would like to encourage our regional members to engage with the Africa office as we finalise our Interim IBIA Africa Regional Board. This board will comprise of five Africa members covering not only the large range of services provided in the bunkering sphere but include representation from as many of the countries who engage in port and bunkering activities around the African continent as possible. We will be co-opting the Interim Board in the next few weeks and expect an announcement to be made before the end of Q3.

The purpose of the Regional Board is to facilitate and ensure that the interests of the Africa bunkering industry are truly represented regionally, and feed into the Global Board for IBIA. Our goals and aims for the Regional office will be to increase and broaden our reach through encouraging new members, online member meetings, engaging with legislative bodies and ensuring dissemination of vital IMO information to our membership.

IBIA Africa’s aims remain aligned with IBIA’s global approach:

  • To provide an international forum for bunker industry issues.
  • To represent the industry in discussions and negotiations with national and international policy makers, legislators and other groups and bodies.
  • To review, clarify, improve, develop and endorse where appropriate, industry methods, practices and documentation.
  • To increase the professional understanding and competence of all who work in the industry.
  • To provide services and facilities for members and others as the Board shall from time to time consider appropriate.

Should any of the Africa Membership wish to engage further regarding the above, you are encouraged to contact me directly.

We would like to take this moment to warmly thank our Africa Membership for your support and continued dialogue. 

If you would like to engage with the IBIA Africa team, or become a member of IBIA, explore opportunities to be a speaker, sponsor or find out more about our local activities, engagements and events, please contact me.

Tahra Sergeant
Regional Manager: Africa
SA Mobile +27 (0)79 990 7544
S  sergeant.tahra W ibia.net

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