Help us define best ethical practice for the bunker industry

Help us define best ethical practice for the bunker industry

What is ethics, and how does it apply to the bunker industry? In the past, this has been discussed generally as an area of concern but there are few examples of pragmatic action being taken across the industry. “At IBIA we believe that it is our role to address this,” says Justin Murphy, the Chief Executive Officer of the Association.

How do we perceive ourselves? A code of ethics could help focus our vision

In May this year, he told a conference that ethics can be defined as a moral code of conduct; doing the right thing even if law does not require you to. The question is not just how others perceive the bunker industry, but also:  “How do we perceive ourselves?”

Establishing a guide to ethical best practice could help focus our minds on the positives, not just the negatives. The goal is to create an ethical code of conduct which encompasses the entire bunker industry value chain.

We need to begin by defining the scope of this initiative and how we might approach this. This is why we are setting up a working group to consider the elements of the ethical code, how to draw it up, how to engage broadly with the IBIA membership and stakeholders and reflect their views and concerns, and evaluate how the resulting Guide to Best Ethical Practice could be used in the longer term.

For example, there may be the potential for an ethics/compliance accreditation for IBIA members, and ethical practice could be incorporated within IBIA’s education strategy.

IBIA members that are interested in participating in the working group that will take on this project are encourage to contact Justin Murphy on this email:


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