EU Coastguard being considered

EU Coastguard being considered

The shape of things to come?

European Commission has released details of a plan to create a new unified Coast Guard and border patrol agency.

E.C. President Donald Tusk said in an open letter that the measures were necessary to “regain control”

The proposal will see the new agency work with existing national coast guards and will strengthen the role of the European Maritime Safety Agency, Emsa, which is based in Lisbon. Emsa’s mandate will be adapted to allow it to work with the new agency, as will the mandate of the European Fisheries Control Agency. All three agencies will be permitted to use drones for airborne surveillance.

This could be a concept that ultimately sees an organisation that provides for safety, security and environmental protection of European waters (EEZ?)

The E.C. will consider this proposal at a scheduled meeting on Thursday 17th December.

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