Entering into the ‘new normal’, what’s in store for 2022

Entering into the ‘new normal’, what’s in store for 2022

A new era for IBIA Africa, challenges and changes that will allow us to grow

As we enter this year, as has been the case globally, the local industry in Africa has been faced with two years of challenges about how we engage with our colleagues and industry, and we trust that 2022 will bring us together in person sooner rather than later.

As I run one of IBIA’s regional offices, it has been my honour to serve our membership both locally and globally for eight years. As I write this, we are preparing for the IBIA Annual Dinner 2022, which I have had the pleasure of project managing since joining IBIA. This year we look forward to hosting a smaller gathering, to allow for social distancing, but still answering our members and industry’s appetite to meet face to face. I am looking forward to seeing some of our Africa members as well as our international colleagues and friends in London this February.

We have much in the pipeline as an Association which you can read in our Events Report. From a regional perspective our members will see more direct communication from me as we scope out the Bunkering landscape here in Africa – who the key role players are in each country, what products and services are on offer and how far and wide can we grow our Africa membership and therefore have stronger influence and support the industry in the direction bunkering and marine energy takes on the African continent.

This will be supported by a short survey which will be shared with members and industry to enquire into what it is that IBIA can do for the African Bunker Market, as we recognise there are some distinct nuances and differences from our counterparts in the Northern hemisphere.

The Africa team continue to investigate ways of further engaging directly with our members in the form of informal get-togethers, online member meetings, and specific and continued dialogue on regional discussion points. We encourage you to be active and participate in all our efforts at further growing IBIA in Africa.

I look forward to updating you as we continue to work through our plans and bring our regional members together, whether it be online or in person.

Should any of our members wish to engage further regarding the above, you are encouraged to contact me directly.

If you would like to engage with the IBIA Africa team, or become a member of IBIA, speaker, sponsor or find out more about our local engagements and events, you can contact:

Tahra Sergeant
Regional Manager: Africa
SA Mobile +27 (0)79 990 7544
S  sergeant.tahra W ibia.net

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