Dr Edmund Hughes steps in as New IMO Representative

Dr Edmund Hughes steps in as New IMO Representative

The International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) is very pleased to announce that Dr Edmund Hughes will be taking up the mantle as our IMO Representative, beginning 1 September 2023. He steps into this role succeeding Unni Einemo, signalling a new phase of robust advocacy for IBIA within the maritime industry.

For many in our community, Edmund isn’t a new face. His memorable but occasional appearances at IBIA Conferences are significantly overshadowed by his role as the Head of Air Pollution and Energy Efficiency in the Marine Environment Division of IMO. In his tenure at the IMO, Edmund was instrumental in the development of MARPOL Annex VI, encompassing critical regulations such as IMO 2020 and strategic advancements in ships’ energy efficiency. His commitment to the industry further stood out when he undertook the Secretary role for the IMO working group that rolled out the Initial IMO Strategy on GHG emission reductions from ships in 2018.

For the last few years Edmund has acted as a consultant to the shipping industry.  He brings to IBIA exceptional knowledge in maritime policy, primarily focused on controlling ship emissions. His recent groundbreaking collaboration with the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) on GHG emission tactics, especially the pioneering ‘Fund and Reward’ mechanism, is a testament to his innovative spirit. Notably, his advisory contributions to the UK Parliament’s Environmental Audit Committee on ‘Net zero aviation and shipping’ emphasize his deep domain expertise.

“Edmund joining the team embodies our aspirations of leading the fuel and shipping industries forward as we embrace decarbonisation ,” expressed Timothy Cosulich, Chair of IBIA. “With his unparalleled background and expertise, we are optimistic about IBIA’s future role at the IMO, enhanced activity within our working groups, and vital engagements with industry stakeholders.”

IBIA warmly welcomes Edmund. We are eager to navigate the promising horizons his perspectives, dedication, and proficiency will bring to our association and the broader maritime industry.

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