Discussion on reporting flashpoint on the BDN referred to MSC

Discussion on reporting flashpoint on the BDN referred to MSC

The 77th session of the IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 77) has referred a proposal to include flashpoint as a mandatory information on the bunker delivery note (BDN) back to the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC).

During discussions in the MEPC 77 Working Group on Air Pollution and Energy Efficiency about the proposal, it was deemed preferable to await the outcome of the work being carried out by MSC on development of further measures to enhance the safety of ships relating to the use of fuel oil. IBIA also informed the working group that fuel oil suppliers were fully aware of the SOLAS regulation and the importance of flashpoint for the ship.

It was also noted that, once MSC had determined and agreed on the flashpoint data that ought to be recorded and reported in relation to safety, corresponding draft amendments to appendix V of MARPOL Annex VI would be a simple exercise.

Appendix V of MARPOL Annex VI details mandatory information on the BDN; currently requiring specific values for sulphur and density to be reported.

IBIA has participated in both the MEPC and MSC work on the subject of requiring mandatory reporting of flashpoint further regulations this subject, and has been among the few objecting to this all along. (More detail on this link)

IBIA will continue to put our views across to MSC on this and other items relating to fuel oil safety.

MSC is working on draft SOLAS amendments to report confirmed cases where oil fuel suppliers have failed to meet IMO flashpoint requirements.

Meanwhile, MEPC 77 agreed to add a voluntary checkbox for flashpoint to the regulation 18.9.6 tab of the MARPOL Annex VI GISIS module.

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