Digitalisation of Bunkering Working Group

Digitalisation of Bunkering Working Group

Many stakeholders in the bunker value chain embrace the use of digital solutions and digitalization as a key component of executing their business. Long term credibility and viability of the industry demands that organisations are willing and able to deploy digital tools to optimize the business. A shift to digitalization is a tool for optimized bunker business models, greater transparency, cross industry cooperation and a vital and creative force within the decarbonisation of shipping. The IBIA recognises that success in the short, medium and long term in solving this digitalization challenge requires both upgraded digital tools and superior software.

The desired outcome of the “Digitalisation of Bunkering Working Group” at IBIA is to provide actionable recommendations as to where and how digital solutions can be deployed along the bunker value chain which will streamline the day-to-day processes, reduce cost to serve, release incremental value, accelerate the green transition, and align incentives across industry players. This work should also serve as inspiration to help existing players remain relevant and adapt in the years to come and for the industry to see opportunities for new business models.

The work group will approach the challenge through a structured approach to mapping the bunker value chain, identifying where the key challenges and opportunities for industry players are, identify gaps and propose potential solutions to fill them.

The workgroup will be kicked-off in April and consist of a core group of members. It is expected that once launched and the workgroup have scoped out the work ahead of us that we will invite members to join multiple workstreams to ensure we have as broad of an anchoring as possible and diverse input.

The working group will be chaired by Kenneth Juhls, Managing Director of ZeroNorth Bunker, and co-chaired by Adrian Tolson, IBIA Board Member and Director, 2050 Marine Energy.  

For IBIA Members who wish to be part of the WG, you may express your interest to and we will get back to you once the individual work-streams have been defined. Thank you and we look forward to a year of close collaboration and engagement.

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