Celebrating women in maritime: Unveiling stories from the bunker industry

On Thursday 18 May, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) marked its International Day for Women in Maritime, a fitting occasion to share a special podcast episode featuring our own Unni Einemo, IBIA Director and IMO Representative. Engaging in a thoughtful conversation with Stephanie Sjöblad and Martti Simojoki, both from marine insurance company Alandia, Unni explores her unique journey within the maritime sector.

Throughout the discussion, Unni expresses her deep admiration for the many talented women making significant strides in our industry. She highlights that women are taking on leadership roles at the IMO and that her colleagues at IBIA are predominantly female.

Unni provides an in-depth look into IBIA’s mission during the conversation, emphasising our advocacy for bunker licensing and the use of Mass Flow Meters (MFMs). The discussion delves into more technical matters, focusing particularly on the critical issue of fuel quality – a major topic at the IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee meetings.

We invite you to listen to this enlightening podcast. May it spark inspiration, and deepen your appreciation for the important contributions women are making to the maritime industry. Join us in continuing to celebrate #WomenInMaritimeDay.

Listen to the podcast here.

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