Captain Peter Hall to retire after four years as IBIA’s Chief Executive

Captain Peter Hall to retire after four years as IBIA’s Chief Executive

Captain Peter Hall

Captain Peter Hall, Chief Executive of the International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) has decided to retire after coordinating one of IBIA’s best annual conventions ever. Over 150 people from more than 20 countries attended the conference held  in Gibraltar last week, which was very well timed, being the first bunker conference after the critical decision by the International Maritime Organization to introduce the global 0.50% marine fuel sulphur cap in 2020. 

The conference explored the likely situation immediately post 2020, building on IBIA’s persuasive proposals to the 70th session of IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee seeking ways to smooth the global transition from high sulphur residual bunkers to low sulphur fuels. The growth of LNG as a marine fuel was also examined, an issue very pertinent to the Port of Gibraltar which is gearing up to  offer LNG bunkers utilising facilities being developed in partnership with Shell to supply LNG for use in local power generation.

Peter has been key in increasing IBIA’s impact in the bunker sector, growing IBIA’s membership by 210% from 427 to 890 members over the three years he has been in charge, and significantly boosting IBIA’s role in providing events and training, both regionally and globally.

The footprint of IBIA’s influence has had a quantum change under Peter’s leadership. His previous experience as CEO and Harbour Master of the Port of Gibraltar has stood him in good stead to expand IBIA’s impact on port procedures through IBIA’s Port Charter, a process aimed at encouraging good bunker port practices globally. This innovation, initiated by Peter, will continue as IBIA responds to requests in Panama, Jamaica, and a number of Asian ports. Peter has also very strongly supported IBIA Asia Ltd’s efforts in Singapore to facilitate the introduction of mass flow meters by providing the training of managerial and technical staff. IBIA has grown in Africa and the adjacent islands as a direct result of Peter’s vision, strategy and personal efforts.

Peter will be very much missed by his colleagues in the IBIA Secretariat and his retirement presents the Association with a major recruitment decision. He has very graciously agreed to remain at the helm until a new CE has been appointed and settled in.

The board, on behalf of the membership of IBIA, thanks Peter for his unstinting efforts on behalf of the Association and his offer to smooth the transition.

We all wish him well in his retirement where he intends to continue to help ports develop, and enjoy more time in the company of his grandchildren and family in Australia.

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