Aiming at further expansion

Aiming at further expansion

Dear fellow members and friends,

The first of April marked the start of my term as IBIA’s Chair. It is an honour to serve our Association in this position, following two years as Vice Chair, and to focus on pursuing our objectives. I would also like to warmly welcome our newly elected board members, Maria Skipper Schwenn, Deanna MacDonald and Ufuk Erinc.

IBIA has already been on an upward trajectory and our pace will accelerate to meet the challenges that now face us. Our Association will continue to expand; becoming even more influential, a ‘household” name, a marine energy authority of unique impact, placed in the centre of the decarbonisation transition.

IBIA is the true voice of the industry and the upholder of the principles which should permeate it, predominantly transparency and quality, based on facts, so to raise standards and stay away from sensationalism.

The way to accomplish these ambitious, far reaching and attainable goals, is through existing and aspiring, methods, such as:

Direct engagement with members, through attending to their concerns and feedback, and representing them in an unbiased manner, always in compliance with our recently strengthened and updated Code of Conduct.

Influence on policy and regulations, by multiplying its interventions at the IMO, taking advantage of its much-coveted consultative status, and by actively participating in other regulatory and policy-shaping bodies, focusing on the decarbonisation advancement and related technical, operational, commercial issues.

Solidification of existing -and the expansion into new- strategic partnerships with highly esteemed international shipping associations.

Broadening and diversifying IBIA’s membership base, encompassing the global maritime industry.

Representative Regional Boards in major geographical locations, which will actively highlight regional interests and concerns.

Expertise in the IBIA members-driven, Working Groups, which diligently engage with projects on the major aspects of future fuels, digitalization, MFMs, fuel-related technical aspects.

Expanded and updated training, covering not only traditional bunkering, but also what we are all preparing for: new fuels.

Technological and digitalisation innovations, first from within, our secretariat, our services, our communication to all members, and through the technological developments of the marine energy spectrum which we closely follow.

The above require participation, trust, and support from our members on the one hand, and coordination, vision, commitment, and expertise from our Board and Secretariat on the other. I strongly believe that these elements are present in abundance.

During my term as IBIA Chair I am confident of the ceaseless and close cooperation in our professionally diversified, expert, and active Board of Directors, and our expanding, dedicated, passionate secretariat. Our vision is collective, its ties are strong.

At the same time, I am profoundly relying on our members. Your active engagement is of supreme importance; in our Events, Conferences, Annual Convention, Working Groups, Members’ Meetings, all being exceptional opportunities to discuss, provide and receive feedback, develop business networks, assimilate the knowledge shared, and exert influence in policy-making processes.

I believe that my academic and professional background and experience will prove valuable in the realisation of IBIA’s ambitions. Most of all, it is my active commitment and dedication to IBIA’s mission which shall continue being the driver, as it has since my election as Board Member in 2020. Through a shared strategic vision, collaborative persistence, and unity we shall continue overcoming the future challenges and hurdles.

I therefore look forward to our interaction – I expect to see you during the forthcoming Posidonia and our Annual Convention, both in Athens- and assure you that I will actively represent IBIA and participate in the joint effort to solidify it as one of the major stakeholders of the marine energy industry, so that in turn it is truly perceived and ranked as one of the leading international organisations in shipping as a whole.

Constantinos Capetanakis


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