Eric Evans

Eric is a seasoned Executive with over 40 years of leadership experience and expertise in finance operations, global sourcing and fuel management of marine fuels, sales and marketing of global fuel supply, marine transportation and infrastructure management, development of alternative fuels, and managing environmental compliance and sustainability projects.

Eric is President of EVANS Advisory LLC, specializing as an Energy Consultant-Strategic Advisor for Marine Fuels, LNG, and Sustainability. He is supporting and engaged with various clients, shipowners, and asset management companies in the marine fuels, finance, petroleum, and oil infrastructure operations. During his career he has worked for large NYSE traded companies Carnival Corporation, El Paso/ Coastal Refining and Marketing and ICON International. He currently sits on the Board of Directors of WEST Indies Petroleum, Serves as strategic advisor to K2 Capital and Florida Solar Partners.  Eric supports various non-profit organizations and community interests.

Eric’s experience includes working on various projects including Carnival Corporation’s Exhaust Gas Cleaning Project with the USCG and EPA, and the development and implementation of bulk marine LNG as an alternative fuel. Leadership responsibilities also include lobbying and government affairs, international sales and marketing, asset management, human resources, and business development. He has experience in creative cost management of billion dollars spend through innovative strategies and market driven negotiations.

Eric is a founding and two-time Board Member of the International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA), served as an oil industry liaison on the Florida Department of Natural Resource Oil Spill Council following the enactment of OPA 90, and universally recognized petroleum expert supporting the Cruise Line International Association (CLIA). He has extensive public speaking experience at many industry conferences and symposiums. •OW Bunker where he established its physical supply operation in the USA.

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