Deanna MacDonald

Deanna MacDonald is a maritime professsional recognized for her expertise in sustainable business development, technological innnovation and collaboration. Holding a Master of Science in International Business and Politics from Copenhagen Business School, Deanna’s career trajectory echoes her commitment to fostering sustainable practices, good global governance standards and technological advancements.

Deanna has cultivated a diverse skill set across various sectors, including renewable energy, life sciences, and martime with experience in startups, governental bodies and multinational corporations. In maritime, Deanna focuses her efforts on traceability for green fuel certifcation, local and global environmental regulations and digitalisation of the shipping sector.

Passionate about the nexus of technology, policy, and environmental impact, Deanna is committed to leveraging innovation to tackle global maritime challenges. This can be seen in her startups, Bloc and BunkerTrace, and through Aveera Energy, her consulting company focusing on sustainable energy solutions, renewable energy development, energy efficiency, and fostering green technology adoption within maritime and energy sectors.

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