IBIA visit to South Africa’s Lawhill Maritime Centre

IBIA Africa has a long-standing relationship with Lawhill Maritime Centre, part of Simon’s Town School located in South Africa’s Western Cape. Lawhill Maritime Centre began as a pilot programme in 1995 with the aim of supporting job creation and employment in South Africa by providing 15 to 18 year old students with maritime-related knowledge and skills while they are still at school, thereby increasing their prospects for post-school employment or admission to maritime-related courses at tertiary institutions.

During a visit to the IBIA Africa office in Cape Town in August, IBIA’s CEO Justin Murphy and Tahra Sergeant (Regional Manager, Africa) spent the morning with the Grade 12 students in an interactive class covering the shipping industry and career planning.

The class interacted in such an inspiring manner, one can only be positive for the future of maritime with these motivated youngsters entering into it.

Justin Murphy and Tahra Sergeant on a visit to Lawhill Maritime Centre

Report by Tahra Sergeant

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