A Progress Update from IBIA Africa

As the Regional Manager of IBIA Africa, I am thrilled to update you on the strides we are making across the region to strengthen the maritime and bunkering industry. Our efforts are geared towards education, collaboration, and leading industry discussions.

IBIA Africa submitted a report to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) which synthesised the feedback from IBIA Africa members regarding the attacks on commercial shipping in the Red Sea and its impact on bunker volume sales across stakeholders. It investigated changes in sales, quantification of these changes, supply challenges, and future demand expectations. Across regions, stakeholders anticipate further increases in bunker demand, supported by medium to long-term contracting behaviours and infrastructure improvements aimed at accommodating heightened demand. Proactive dialogues between stakeholders and ship operators are underway, particularly in West and South Africa, focusing on securing supplies and exploring long-term cooperation projects amidst uncertainties surrounding low-carbon fuel adoption, emphasising the need for industry focus in this critical area.

The report concluded that the Red Sea crisis has significantly influenced bunker fuel sales in key strategic bunkering ports in Africa, prompting strategic adjustments and plans to address potential increased demand or supply and quality challenges. The evolving uncertainty emphasises the importance of flexibility and collaborative efforts to sustain bunker supply chains amidst the industry’s dynamic landscape. It highlights the crucial role of ship operators in collaborating with bunker suppliers to identify fuel oil demand promptly, underlining the necessity for concerted efforts to navigate the challenges posed by the evolving situation.

We are close to finalising a “Train the Trainer” programme on Future Fuels, developed in partnership with a prominent South African training institution. This live online programme, consisting of eight sessions, aims to extend our educational outreach, equipping trainers with critical knowledge and tools related to advancements in fuel technology. The intention will be for this programme to be rolled out to other regions.

The next IBIA Africa Board meeting’s agenda will focus on our current membership status and explore potential growth areas, particularly in North East Africa with a proposed conference in 2025. Discussions will also cover developments in the Red Sea area, and the impact on supply and demand in the region.

Plans for an end-of-year gathering in early December are underway, alongside preparations for an online IBIA Africa Member Meeting mid-year, which will welcome new potential members.

Our active participation in several external working groups such as the Offshore Operations Stakeholder Forum, and the Cape Town Port Liaison Forum, continues to foster dialogue and collaboration on pivotal industry issues.

Through these diverse initiatives and engagements, IBIA Africa is committed to leading the region towards a sustainable and well-informed maritime future. We are excited about the growth and the impactful collaborations in 2024 and beyond, as we continue to support and propel our industry forward.

Tahra Sergeant

Regional Manager (Africa) & Global Head, Events


+27 799907544

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