Working Groups

Working groups are a core means of member participation and the mechanism via which local, national and international issues can be discussed and information given. The association aims to both promote membership participation in working groups and to broaden the scope of topics that working groups currently address.

What they do?
  1. Formulate IBIA’s position on key industry issues
  2. Influence industry policies
  3. Provide knowledge to our members
Working groups are there to
  • Provide guidance to members and non-members on contentious issues
  • Offer a basis for promoting the membership’s view to external organisations
  • Improve consistency within the bunker industry
  • Facilitate interaction with other marine sectors
  • Give input to IBIA’s information data bank
How do they work?

Once a key issue has been recognised within the association, it is the board’s responsibility to decide where to establish a working group and then to:

  1. Define its initial terms of reference
  2. Relate these to the specific IBIA policies
  3. Appoint a chairman from within the board
  4. Select key participants (always including the Chief Executive for continuity)
  • Other members are invited, who bring specific skills
  • Any member or non-member can contribute
  • Participation is on a voluntary basis
Output of the working group

They formulate IBIA’s position on key industry issues

The position taken by a working group reflects the membership’s views within the association’s policies on:

  1. Protecting the environment in a cost-effective manner, with practical, enforceable and equitable regulations
  2. Progressing safety issues, particularly with new types of bunkers
  3. Improving the skills of the bunker industry by providing: guidance on training curricula, guidance to trainees and their employers in accessing the best training, providing a means to assess the skills of industry participants.
  • Providing guidance, with legal terms of reference, facilitating good business practice
  • Developing internal association policies
Current working groups
  • Legal – Terms of Reference
  • Ethics

If you would like to be a member of a working group or need further information please contact us: