Terms & Conditions

Anti-Trust and Competition Law Compliance

IBIA’s policy is to be firmly committed to maintaining a fair and competitive environment in the bunker industry, and to adhering to all applicable laws which regulate IBIA’s and its members’ activities in these markets. These laws include the anti-trust and competition laws which the European Union, the United States and many nations of the world have adopted to preserve the principles of free enterprise, promote competition and protect the public from monopolistic and other restrictive trade practices. IBIA’s activities will be conducted in compliance with these guidelines.

Payment Card Terms & Conditions
  • Country of merchant domicile: United Kingdom
  • Goods & services supplied: Membership registration services to the shipping and bunkering industry
  • Returns, refunds & cancellations: We do not offer returns.
  • Delivery policy: All items for delivery will be posted first class unless otherwise specified
  • Transaction currencies: All transactions on this website are in UK pound sterling
  • Membership payment due 60 days from invoice date
Subscription Period
All subscriptions are paid annually in advance.
Subscription Payment
IBIA will remind members 60 days prior to their annual renewal. A further reminder will be sent 30- days prior to renewal date. (This reminder system should allow members who have corporate payment systems to allow sufficient time to enable payment to be processed. Members should appreciate that it is their responsibility to ensure that membership fees are paid by the due date.IBIA will endeavour to provide a gentle reminder if payment is not received, however, if no payment is received after 30 days, and then membership will be suspended.

All invoices are in UK pounds (£ Stirling).
Membership Cancellation Policy:
IBIA LTD retains the right to cancel membership if subscription is not paid by the due date
Methods of Payment:
BACS – all our banking details are on the invoices
Credit Card

IBIA Annual Dinner Cancellation Policy & Refund

If a Member cancels their booking two weeks or more before the day of the dinner, IBIA Ltd will refund monies paid in full less an administration fee of £25 per ticket. Cancelling two weeks or less before the dinner will result in no refund.

IBIA Annual Convention Cancellation Policy & Refund
If a Member or Non-Member cancels their pass two weeks (14 days) or more before the convention start date, IBIA Ltd will refund the pass price in full less £25 administration fee. Cancelling a pass two weeks (14 days) or less before the convention start date, will result in no refund.