Rajiv Servansingh

During the past twenty years, I have directed and chaired a number of industry and Government institutions.

2001-2006: The Deputy Secretary General of the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry – an association of major economic operators in Mauritius

2006-2009: Regional Director for Board of Investments (Mauritius) based in Mumbai, India – Promoting investments in various economic sectors

2009-2021: Chairmanships:

2010-2012: Airport Terminal Operations Ltd, Mauritius

2010-2014: Competition Commission of Mauritius – Setting up the Competition Commission in Mauritius

2009-2021: Managing Director and Chairman MindAfrica Projects Ltd – A company set up by myself for promotion of investments from India to Africa through Mauritius Financial Centre

Chairman Mauritius Africa Fund – A Government agency promoting and facilitating Mauritius-Africa economic integration

I was an elected Member of Parliament in Mauritius from 1976-1982.

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