Claudia Beumer

After her degree as a Chemical Engineer and a number of years in industrial analytical measurements, Claudia switched to the maritime industry in 2011 with selling and developing the Certified Bunker Measurement Solution for Emerson, focusing on shipowners and barge operators for conventional fuels and LNG.

In those days, she was also a member of the first working group in SGMF, developing the guidelines for Quality and Quantity of LNG as fuel.

That interest in LNG brought her into her next job at Wärtsilä Gas Solutions, where she was commercially responsible for LNG Bunkering systems and biogas upgrading and liquefaction systems (bioLNG).

From September 2020 until the end of 2023, Claudia worked as a Global Account Manager for the VT Group; an independent, global barge operator providing high quality maritime logistics and bunkering services, where besides the global responsibility for the commercial activities of the VT Group, she was heavily involved in VT’s strategy to enable transport and bunkering of alternative fuels on behalf of their customers.

That passion for alternative fuels led her to establish her own consultancy and training company C4fuel, assisting stakeholders in the maritime industry in their journey to meeting the climate goals.

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