Career Details

I started in the bunker industry in 1998 when I joined Aegean Bunkering (Gib) Ltd, a local subsidiary of Aegean Marine Petroleum. I progressed within the company to become the Operations Manager for the local operation, which at it’s peak was operating five supply barges and a floating storage. Among my responsibilities at this time were liaison and compliance with local authorities.In 2011 I left Aegean and joined the Gibraltar Port Authority as the Bunkering Superintendent. My role entailed enforcement and further development of the entire regulatory framework for bunkering. In April 2015 I was promoted to the post of Senior Port Officer (Operations Manager) within the Gibraltar Port Authority, and was subsequently promoted to Deputy Captain of the Port in January 2017. In my current role I am responsible for devising and implementing Port policy, with bunkering activities being a primary activity in our port.

Electoral Statement

I believe my experience in both the commercial and regulatory sectors gives me a privileged perspective of the industry and may be considered an asset to both the Board and IBIA’s membership. My aim is to contribute towards further developing the engagement of IBIA with its members, for its members.