Abiding by this Code of Ethics shows that members support our common goal: to promote the widespread adoption of a common set of ethical values within our industry. We believe that when the entire industry acts with the highest ethical standards that this will be to the benefit of us all.

Fair Business

  • We conduct our business in a fair and transparent manner
  • We will always act in the best interest of each business partner and are honest with the stakeholders involved in our business
  • We only engage in business using compliant products, and deliver the quality and quantity agreed with our business partners
  • We always act in good faith

Best Practice

  • We always act in accordance with applicable legislation, including sanctions
  • We always meet contractual obligations in a timely manner
  • We always do our best to avoid disputes and seek resolution promptly if disputes occur
  • We comply with all applicable competition and anti-corruption laws
  • We respect confidential information and do not unlawfully use any intellectual property

Social responsibility

  • We seek to minimise our environmental impact and the risk of environmental damage
  • We will always ensure employees’ health, safety and security
  • We offer equal opportunities, prohibit unlawful discrimination and respect human rights
  • We offer the same opportunities for professional development to all our employees


  • Our accounts and records are kept accurately and reflect the true state of the company and its operations
  • During audits or investigations, we fully cooperate with the authorities
  • We will not receive or give any gift or entertainment of disproportionate value
  • We are fully committed to preventing both money laundering and terrorist financing

This Code of Ethics is endorsed by the International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA).
IBIA encourages members to abide by this Code of Ethics and to endorse it