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18th August 2020
19th August 2020


S&P Global Platts

Middle East Bunker Fuel Conference – Online

A new moment for the Bunker Fuel markets in the Middle East

The International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA)  and S&P Global Platts are pleased to announce the new Middle East Bunker Fuel Summit 2020. This is a must attend calendar event for industry participants in the region.
Coming at a time of significant change in the industry, this participatory event builds upon our shared bunker event portfolio success. This timely IBIA and S&P Global Platts conference will provide:
– Insight on the early impact of the sulfur cap
– Analysis of current bunker market dynamics
– Supply chain challenges, through freight and across commodities
– The latest information on bunker quality and regulatory restrictions
– Updates on fuel supply and demand fundamentals and credit markets
– Assessment of the opportunities and challenges in shipping and fuel industries
Join regional bunker suppliers, refiners, ship operators, bunker traders, leading analysts, solution providers and local infrastructure players for 2 days of news, networking and training this coming September 2020.

Get your key questions answered

How has IMO2020 changed the bunker landscape?
Assessing the Middle East supply chain in a 0.5% sulfur world
Hear the option and experience of regional leaders as they discuss their experiences of the sulfur cap so far. How is the transition going? What challenges remain? Can we expect further development in supply of 0.5% sulfur fuels? And what is the future of Fuel Oil?

What challenges does the sector face in the coming decade?
Look beyond the cap
With margins, credit, compatibility and quality becoming even more of an issue? How will the industry evolve over the coming years? Will we see consolidation, or even bankruptcies? How long will compatibility issues remain, and what is being done to avoid them?

How is shipping adapting?
Exploring drivers of short- and long-term change
Freight rates and routes are driven by a range of factors from weather to trade disputes. How are these influencing supply chains and creating opportunity and challenges for market participants in bunker fuel?

What is the outlook for alternative fuels and on-board abatement in the region?

Looking ahead to future regulatory constraints
With the cap in place, when will the market need to prepare for the IMO’s plan to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG0 emissions by 2030 and 2050? How prepared is the Middle East to deliver? What needs to be accomplished in order to meet the targets?

An exciting venue, site visit and workshops to be announced soon.

  • Who should attend?

    • Bunker suppliers
    • Traders
    • Oil Majors
    • Refiners
    • Ship owner/operators
    • Storage companies
    • Consultancies
    • Ports
    • Scrubber and engine manufacturers

To Register please contact:

Sofia.Konstantopoulou: sofia.konstantopoulou@ibia.net


Day 1: Wednesday, March 11, 2020


  • Unni Einemo, Director and IMO Representative, IBIA View full bio

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