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15th October 2021
December 31

The IBIA Basic Bunkering Course

The IBIA Basic Bunkering Course is an online programme of training modules designed to introduce new entrants or staff with limited knowledge of the bunker industry to the most important aspects of the bunker industry.

It consists of 5 modules each lasting just over 1 hour presented by IBIA Board member, Nigel Draffin, the renowned bunker industry expert, Author of 12 books on Bunkering.

The course materials have been peer reviewed by members of the relevant IBIA Working Groups.

For IBIA members: £400 (includes all 5 modules) 
For non IBIA members: £550 (includes all 5 modules) 

The Online training course is recorded video content, it is not live. The duration of each module is up to 60 minutes.. The modules can be attended as stand-alone modules, however students will gain the best value by taking all five modules in the order suggested. On completion of the course, students will receive the ‘IBIA Certificate of Attendance’.

Questions can be sent to the teacher during the two-week access through the online platform and will be answered within 3 working days.



Module 1 – Introduction

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An Introduction to Bunkering covers the origin and all of the different aspects of our industry at a level suitable for those with limited experience of the industry or its day to day activities. It should prepare students for the more detailed modules that follow.

Module 2 – Basic Commercial

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Basic commercial practice. This covers the way a buyer submits his bunker requirement to the sellers in the market, receives and evaluates the offers from the sellers, negotiates the deal and settles the payment.

Module 3 – Basic Technical

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Basic technical understanding. This covers the production, composition, specification, on board treatment and potential issues with the normal grades of marine fuels. It does not require any specialist technical knowledge.

Module 4 – Basic Operations

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Basic bunker operations. This covers the operational aspects of delivering fuel to ships. The fist part covers the decision on quantities required and the calculation of the quantities supplied.  The second part covers the practical aspects of the three main methods of delivery (barge, pipeline and road tanker).

Module 5 – Real Life

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Real life. This final module deals with the practical issues that can disrupt the routine bunker operation. Disputes over quality, quantity, delays, cancellation and payment issues.